Playing Hunt the Information

Go on Maplins, it’s fine, I’ve got plenty of time to waste. Just hide all that critical information.. MORE

Talk to Me

At the tail end of November Christmas shoppers in Victoria Square had still got that flush of enthusiasm before the novelty of slogging round crowded stores has turned to weariness .

A glossy addition to Leeds city centre shopping, Victoria Square brings.. MORE

Discovery-based retail meets cutting-edge tech

WAH Nails new flagship in Soho seems to have packed in all the digital stuff that often appears as nice-to-haves on many retail briefs these days. Starting life as a Fanzine in 2006 it’s grown.. MORE

Inside-outside beauty

Beauty Library is an organic beauty store-cum-cafe located in Tokyo’s hip Aoyama neighbourhood. Playfully reflecting its namesake it features.. MORE

Wake up and smell the sausage

Visiting the first Bunnings store in the UK is on our list-to-do right now but in the meantime I’ve been doing some reading up. In one article a quote from Bunning’s boss.. MORE

Doing one thing really well

Is it limiting when you only have one thing to sell? It doesn’t have to be. This stall at a French market.. MORE

Retail Design’s Unsung Hero

We’ve all seen the articles; a new store concept is hailed as “creating a journey” or defining a “brand-space” maybe even in a “curated environment”. This is often accompanied by eulogies on materials.. MORE

2017 Trends

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices in the shopping process. They expect more personalised, relevant shopping experiences. They are researching.. MORE

CES 2017 Roundup

There no place like Las Vegas to be visually stimulated except for Las Vegas in January during the gigantic Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Now in its 50th year.. MORE

Live, Connect, Share and Er…?

Watching customers is always illuminating. Aware of the rise of bundled services (where providers are offering discounts for combined broadband, mobile, landline and pay TV) it was fascinating to see what was going on in an EE store as I sat in a cafe opposite.
EE’s big in-store splash.. MORE

Pushing, bending and distorting the boundaries

“WOW!” was my first reaction. Then it was “How did they do that?” Quickly followed by “I wonder how much it cost?”
Herman Miller’s new.. MORE

The C-word

Come across anything “curated” recently?
I’d be surprised if you haven’t. This particular c-word is.. MORE

Do you need a Digital Inverter Compressor?

Samsung Open House “Simplifies the appliance buying process and provides useful information about the latest new product innovations” (US Retailer, HH Gregg).
My experience.. MORE

Beyond the messe

With 18 halls to get round Euroshop can often be a time trial on a short visit, but it’s really worth trying to take in a few local.. MORE

The 15-minute vacation

Although many of the forums are a pitch by another name, it’s always worth taking a few in. The first I sat in on was organised by POPAI. In the midst.. MORE

Answers on a postcard

Here’s a good idea.

Take an online principle, make it better, then improve it further by offering things you can only do in-store.

We’re all familiar with browsing online, scrolling through products and being able to choose a few to compare against each other. John Lewis’ Sofa Studio helps you.. MORE