Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices in the shopping process. They expect more personalised, relevant shopping experiences. They are researching online and experiencing in-store before seeking the best place to make a transaction.

…Men are outspending women for the first time (by 13% according to The Boutique @ Ogilvy 2016 Mens’ Shopping Report) creating new format opportunities.

…The savviest retailers are taking advantage of advancements in machine learning, deep analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) for a more targeted and personalized shopping experience. Beacons are resurrected by Google.

…At CES 2017, the integration of Amazon’s AI personal assistance Alexa was everywhere. By partnering with Amazon, retailers and brands are entering the Internet of Things (IoT) space, making ordering products easier and faster.

…We will see more brands actively engaging in crowdsourced products in 2017. Digital and social media have provided countless opportunities to engage with so many people at once about subjects, products and ingredients that are interesting or culturally significant.

…VR is becoming an important tool for brands and retailers, enabling them to offer richer omni-channel experience to customers who can’t make it to a physical store.

Steven Kainth